quinta-feira, 25 de março de 2010


What is wrong with you?

I thought we were friends, those that last forever!Why make it so hard? You know that my life depends on you ... I was just like you to understand my situation, because if you also dating, I would be the first to support you in everything, you know very well.Sometimes you have attitudes that really disappoint me ...
Why do not you support? Why? Is so hard? You look so different with me! Have not you tell me anything, no longer trust me, no longer speak to me as ever! I seem to cues to talk just because I supposedly dating. I'd like to have you back!
I'd like to take back that girl that understood me, who laughed with me, walking with me, you had funny conversations with me ... I would like to have you back!

Back to me! I miss you, friend! Turns?

love you...